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Having issues with exporting textures from substance into Unity

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  • Having issues with exporting textures from substance into Unity

    The Meshes themselves from Maya all imported into Unity properly but when i import the texture sets from Substance painter into unity they get messed up. i made sure the export settings were all correct (set for unity pipeline standard metallic, 2048 texture size), I used the import assets feature while in unity. The mesh had embedded media selected and the normal maps are all changed to normal. I dont know why the texture sets get messed up. Could it be a uv issue in substance from maya?
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    What is the Unity project set up for? You're exporting for HDRP...are you sure you're project is HDRP?


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      Yes the project is set up for HDRP, i tried exporting the textures one last time and start a new hdrp project but i still get the same texture issues. I might try to redo the whole substance project and see if its a uv issue. I might have updated the maya uvs without updating substance with the uvs
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        that ended up being the issue. it works now