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Portfolio and MFA questions

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  • Portfolio and MFA questions

    Currently I have a unique opportunity to do grad school or continuing education and was looking into print and web design. It has to be in Denmark though, and it's fine if it's done through transferring from uiw over to a Danish design school. At any rate, let me know what you think of the site: www.t-m-t.us

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    If I need to be more specific do let me know :)


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      The real question is what are you planning on doing after grad school? In design there is no point in getting a graduate degree just to have one. It won't help you. Better to just focus on finding better jobs and doing better work.

      What do you specifically want out of grad school? What are your career plans after grad school? Do you want a better portfolio to get a better job or a job in a different part of the industry? If so, then you need an undergrad portfolio finishing school, not a grad degree. If you want to teach full time, you need a 60 hour MFA but you need to know exactly what area of design you want to teach in and you also need some solid work experience in that area. Print and web is too broad for graduate level study. You need a specific area of interest to research.

      Although international experience could be useful, be a bit cautious. Not all concepts (especially advertising) translate culturally. There is also the problem that some US colleges and Universities do not accept degrees from other countries as qualifying degrees. Need to do a lot of specific research or you may end up with a degree that is nice but won't help you. Don't pick a grad school because it's a "good deal" or because it's convenient. That's for buying used cars— not advanced study that will determine the rest of your career.

      I think that you have some questions that need to be answered before you invest the time and $$$ in a graduate degree.
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        All very good questions. Thank you Proff Fagan. My email is Thomas.Thompson@me.com I have a few questions


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          AIGA San Antonio is having their first Creative March!

          If you are a student or a job seeker, this is a must go event. Please share with your friends.
          Space is limited. If you are participating in creative summit you are allowed to turn in your portfolio late.

          Rikky Möller
          Rikky Möller | Principal & Creative Director
          rikkymoller@rikkymoller.com | rikkymoller.com