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Semester Final 5/03

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  • Semester Final 5/03

    Draw EITHER of the female OR male figures. Accuracy is important, but dynamism is just as if not more important as long as the proportions are good.

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	Untitled-1a.jpg
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    What I need from you before 9:00 pm Central Standard time, is for you to EMAIL me your drawing as finished as you would feel comfortable including in a portfolio for a job or gig.

    If you want, for extra credit, costume or accessorize the figure however you want, but I must see the nude drawing AS WELL AS your finished drawing.

    EMAIL, do not post here. If the timestamp on your email is not before 9:00 pm CST it will not be accepted.

    You guys all know how to do this, I've seen it. Just focus, stop listening to that kpop nonsense and doing daps or dabs or whatever. You got this.

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    Email address is: