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9/21/22 - Textured Rock Due!

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    I really like the color variation you have in the rock itself it looks really cool! I think maybe the dirt on the top is a little overwhelming so maybe adding some breakup could be helpful. The gold looks very interesting, it's not too loud so it adds a cool pop.


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      Eladio Yvarra

      Kwan Yee Lo: I really like your use of color, there's nice variation of color that made the rock look natural. Your moss is looking good so far, my advice is add a little bit of color variation and height maps to it.


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        Your rock is looking amazing. I really like the surface detail throughout the rock. I think adding a little more height to your moss on the top of the rock can help separate the moss from rock surface. The moss placement looks great though. Keep up the good work.



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          Sofia: The initial layer on the rock is a nice color. The scratches are a bit much and are a little too broad. There also doesn't seem to be any sort of "story" to this rock. Overall, it is a great start and im excited to see the finished product!


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            Amazing work on your rock, your moss is quite bright in color, I would tone down and change the color of the moss. Other than that, it looks amazing, keep it up!!!


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              Your rock looks really good detail with the curve and shape! The paint and the moss are a good start for the rock. Honestly, the brown part of the rock doesn't seem to add up. I'm assuming those are dirt. You can paint dirt on the rock by adding a Fill layer, black mask, add paint, select Dirt 5 alpha(Or use any other dirt look-alike alpha) and paint on top of them. Make sure you turn on your base and roughness channel and slightly use less opacity on the base color channel. For the moss, I would adjust the height a bit lower and also "Add Filter" and insert the blur effect. That way it'll look more rough and mossy look. And also, maybe duplicate your moss group/layer, drag that group/layer below the original Moss group/Layer, change it to a yellowish/brownish color, and slightly use less opacity too. Maybe adding multiple colors can pop up to look like more natural moss. Keep going!