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F.A.Q.: General Questions

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  • F.A.Q.: General Questions

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    What kind of facilities do you have available at CGA@UIW?
    There are several computer labs on campus that CART majors have access to. The labs in which courses are taught are in the Joyce Building. Each of these three teaching labs contain around 20 machines, a projector and printers. The labs in the Joyce Building are on an aggressive upgrade schedule where one of the three labs is upgraded every year. So, the oldest machines are three years old, and one lab is always brand new.

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    What can I expect to learn at UIW in the Computer Graphic Arts (CART) program?
    Our program is geared towards teaching industry standard design aesthetic, technical skills and software knowledge. Every graduate of the CART program will have a solid working knowledge of Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Students with an emphasis in Graphic Design will graduate with Macromedia's Flash and Dreamweaver under their virtual web belt, and Quark Xpress under their print belt. This way, our Graphic Design students can get a job at a web company, print company, or do both. However, although CART majors do spend a lot of time learning software, the primary goal is the best design anywhere. The emphasis is on solid design.

    Students with a 3D emphasis graduate with solid knowledge of Maxon's Cinema4D XL, AliasWavefont's Maya, Adobe's Premiere, and Apple's Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro. And as always, although these software packages are important, the emphasis of the program is on effective design, storytelling, and animation.

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    What degree would I earn in the CART program?
    CART students earn a B.A.

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    What sorts of jobs would I be qualified for upon graduation?
    Graphic design emphasis students could work as graphic designers (of course), web designers, print shop artists, editorial layout artists (magazines, newspapers), freelancers and others. Potential places of employment include newspapers, magazines, public relation firms, marketing firms, web design companies, print shops, etc…

    3D animation majors would be prepared to work in the gaming, television, movie, or animation industries.

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    Can I get a degree in CART and stay in San Antonio to work?
    San Antonio has a wealth of employment opportunities for Graphic Design emphasis students. There is a multitude of multimedia companies, web design companies and publication houses that are always looking for good talent.

    However, the opportunities for 3D animators is strongest outside of the state. Although there are some strong animation companies here in the city and others as close as Austin, the open positions are few and very competitive. Most 3D animators should plan on moving to one of the coasts upon graduation.
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