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Thread: Assignment #25 Push SPline pass

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    Lightbulb Assignment #25 Push SPline pass

    Video Reference:

    Use the video reference provided to animate a character pushing a heavy object.

    Your animation should be timed out and have all of the main/key poses and breakdown poses.

    -Have the proper timing and moving holds included
    -The arms should mostly be in IK for the push
    -Remember anticipation, overshoot, overlap/drag in the spine, arcs, and foot placements
    -The box will need to have a little bit of rotation as the character attempts to push it; but you don't have to translate it
    -Be sure to include a proper ending for your animation. At the very least, have him step back to a neutral pose, with nice overshoot and settle.

    Be sure your render settings are set to HD 720 before you create your playblast. If the file is too large for syncsketch, make sure to set the playblast settings to "qt" and "H.264"

    The camera angle of your playblast should be similar to the angle from the video reference.

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