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Thread: Assignment #9 Heavy Weapon Attack Spline

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    Assignment #9 Heavy Weapon Attack Spline

    Character suggestions:
    Axe (need to scroll down)

    You can use any other character with another weapon, as long as the weapon is implied to be heavy.

    -The character needs to be holding the weapon with both hands during the whole animation!
    -Main pose sequence: idle/starting -> anticipation -> overhead swing -> hit ground+recoil -> pick up weapon+overshoot -> back to idle pose
    -Create your character's starting pose first with weapon in hand before setting up the constraint system.
    -Use the heavy weapon locator to create the weapon's movements.
    -The weapon should be moving in arcs in addition to the root and feet.

    Reference/inspiration folder:
    **Use "HeavyWeapon_TimingReference" for timing reference! (Think about where holds need to happen)
    **Use the gameplay videos as inspiration for how to push your animation; don't directly copy them frame by frame!
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