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Thread: New Campus Narrative

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    New Campus Narrative

    Post a story set on campus in a different time period/theme/circumstances. If you have drawings or photos, post them, too.

    Due before next class!
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    The type of story is a horror/detective hybrid and the setting is UIW within the early 1900's. There is an ancient evil hidden within the university and there are worshipers who wish to release it from its prison. It is up to our local detective to find the gang of worshipers and put a stop to their schemes and their "all knowing" abomination.
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    Just as if you would any other ordinary day, you wake up to the blazing sound of your alarm. You shift onto your back in annoyance while reaching over to hit off the alarm on your phone. Dreading to remove yourself from the comfort of your bed you reluctantly throw the blankets off your body knowing that if you were to stay, it'd be a waste of money. Literally. Rolling your eyes you find the little motivation you had and stand up from your bed. After throwing on a change of clothes and grabbing your things you close the door behind you as you head out into the hallway of your dorm. Expecting to see a hallway filled with life, it was the exact opposite, rather there was papers scattered all over. Laptops and backpacks were left in their place, it looked and felt like a tornado had gone through. At first you thought it was merely some students being idiotic, but that thought vanishes in an instant. You turn your head down the hall and what you saw sent a shiver down your spine...


    Stumbling on your own feet your mind goes into overdrive as it starts to ponder the events that could have taken place, and from the scenery before you it would be indecent to think anything good happened. Uneasy standing in the hall you quickly make your way out of the dorm. Adjusting your sight to the suns blinding light you're almost knocked over by another student, and luckily you're quick to hold your own weight together. You decide to walk towards the middle of the school which was not far from your dorm, and when you arrive your body stops moving. Students are running in various directions with fear written on their faces, staff directing traffic, and the little security that was offered in a rush to keep everyone safe. Everything that was once stable, or at least, a functioning community, seemed to come crashing down.

    You didn't know if there was a shooter or if it was a drill, but it sure as hell didn't seem like it. That's when you hear a blood curdling scream. You slowly turn your head into the direction of the sound and when you do there looks to be a student on top of another. It seemed as thought it was some sort of struggle. You begin to rush over in an attempt to help but you freeze right in your tracks. That was no student on top, whatever it was..looked void of any life. You almost scream when it digs its face into the crook of the others neck, and not in a pleasing way. You see flesh fly off, blood dripping down beneath both bodies.
    You drop to your knees. You don't know what to do. Do you help? Do you scream? Do you run?

    You stare as you watch this thing kill a person..a human being. Your heart stops at the scenery before you. It slowly removes itself from the lifeless body and turns its face towards you. Its white milky eyes stare you down, flesh dangling off its arm and neck. Right as it begins to walk towards you your legs refuse to move, but you know that if you don't, you'll die. Once it starts running adrenaline kicks in and you take little to no time pushing yourself off the floor. You didn't care where you were going, you didn't pay any attention as to who got in your way, there was no way you were gonna let yourself die. Not like this. You had to know if your friends were okay, if your family was safe, and if that was the case, were they waiting for you at home?

    After what felt like hours, only minutes had passed since you stopped running. You now stood on the fifth floor of the parking garage. The bottom two floors were already filled with the dead and those who survived pushed cars to block the fourth floor. No one knew how long they'd be stuck, but everyone, including yourself, could only hope that help would arrive..

    But no one ever came.

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    A story by cam cam ^^

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    River Bend is a multiplayer map where teams fight to take control of the high ground.The high ground is favorable because of the dense cover the foliage provides and machine gun nests overlooking the low ground, however the low ground is not void of advantages either. the low ground offers plenty of cover in the form of vehicles, trees, and bridges. the setting of the map is a college campus that is being used as a forward operating base in world war III. The base offers plenty of mounted machine guns on the high ground,and snipers nests in the building across the high ground.
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    The fresh and hot popcorn cart is considered by many to be unopened and abandoned. Despite its appearance, the cart is actually still running. While many will glance at the cart only to find nobody working at the cart, they simply cannot see the workers. The reason for this phenomena is that the cart is entirely run by diligent cats who cannot reach the window. The cats never attempt to coax nearby pedestrians to their cart, nor do they question why nobody has ordered from the popcorn stand; they simply wait patiently for their next customer without question. Hopefully, they think their food is still good.

    Corrine Nino

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    It's the year of 2042 you've graduated, have your dream job, and you were in the middle of traveling to your next position until UIW asked if you wanted to stop and speak to the students there. So you decided that on your way up to your next job you would at least visit the campus. You realized it's been years since you have visited the campus. You remembered on how old the building looked and how the walls were covered in a weird bumpy-paint texture. You remembered the really loud heaters thinking they were going to expload any second. But then you thought about the spot where you started working...AD400 or in what everyone else called it, "The Freshman Lab".

    So you stepped in to see how it looks now and realized that they finally got everything upgraded. The finally got a approval to update everything since this campus was always considered a histroic landmark; meaning that nothing could get upgraded (unless it was really out of code.). It suprised you to see that the white board that you and your friends doodled on is now this drawable tablet (with wacom pens nearby). On how the windows have these little robots that keep it clean. And how there are robots that vacum crumbs. Then more robots that help pick up trash or recycle. You realized that everything became wireless so it was easier for the robots to clean and no more tripping over wires. The chairs can float around so again easier for the robots to clean, but I guess so there is no more pains of rolling over your friend's foot or backpack. It sort of baffled you that they were able to get so much approved and upgraded. It sort of made you realized that the school finally let the old times go and decided to update everything.

    Guess the school realized that you can always reminisce about the past, but that doesn't mean you have to keep the work place in that condition. That you can always treasure the past in other manners.

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    It is set in the 19th century, where the power and utility of steampower had become fully realized. Gears and blazing hot steam run all things, the clocks, the vehicles, everything. The world is in a state of growth, and universities and other colleges everywhere strive to increase the overall knowledge of citizens everywhere so that the power of steam and cogs can be even further utilized. Whether it be for everyday life, scientific discoveries, or protection from everyday threats in and out of the country, time ticks on, as does the progression of the steampunk era.
    I like to live life like a SoulsBorne game.

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    The dripping stairway, one of the mysterious landmarks in the fantasy world of Etanracn. Beware those that go near it at night, because they may never be the same, if they do come back. Those that have traversed up the stairs recall faint whispering, as well as a loud dripping sound, along with the pungent smell of blood. Whenever anyone or anything has tried destroying the staircase, by either magic or other means, whatever they did was repelled and reflected back onto whoever dealt the damage, in some cases leaving nothing but a mangled corpse behind. If you manage to make it to the top without losing your sanity, you will be transported to the underworld, where you will inevitably go insane.
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    Austin Chapman

    A fire breathing dragon attacks the castle of UIW, for the townspeople has stolen the dragon's eggs and killed it's mate. Than the dragon sot vengeance on the townsfolk by burning every last one alive and devoured those who survived the burning.

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    It was just like ever other day, people enjoying themselves eating a d studying... untill they heard the thud from the stairs. Some looked over in half curious some ignored it, but the receptionist leaned over to look from their desk. The unmoving body just giving a groan was cause for concern, prompting the receptionist to move out and look over.
    "Hey.. you ok?"
    There was no response, just the pained groan. This was cause for concern, the receptionist noticed the paleness of the person and the small pool of red liquid forming and rushed over to help, they look at the head the legs checking for anything broken... but none were the source of where the blood was from. The small, not a cut, a bite in their wrist. The viens a bright blue and muscles tight.
    "Come on well get help. Someone, call an ambulance!" They yelled out.
    People were starting to take notice of the scene slowly before but after that, it had everyone's attention. Someone started the call while others stood to see what was going on. Some in shock at it, speachless... but this was jothing.
    As the body on the floor jumped out and bit the receptionist neck, hard and tearing away flesh they screamed in pain and people let out sounds of suprise and horror. The receptionist body convulsed, tje pool of blood getting bigger and bigger now. And the original body stoped... and his head turned, the hollow eyes, bloodshot eyes, the pale white skin and lips with no color. He moved erratically and crawled forward... the start of what some ways expected.
    In this small area of the student engagement center, on the UIW campus. Just another scene in the unfolding horror that was happening throughout the city. The dead were comming to life, and the dead has trapped those here. Zombies... have come.

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    Story and concept is based on the Topps 1988 Dinosaur Attack cards. "The cards tell the story of dinosaurs transported through time into the present day through a freak accident and wreaking havoc on Earth." Until a solution can be found to stop the dinosaur invasion, people must survive the waves of attacking dinosaurs.

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Name:	F7329B1C-B754-4AA7-8206-85E05BE9B9CD.jpg 
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    Noir crime drama
    The story is of a detective who is called out to a murder scene at an abandoned child crematorium. The detective goes on to find more and more bizzare murders as he hunts down his killer. Throughout his investigation the people live in constant fear of the crazy man trying to kill people in horrific and terrifying ways.

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    San Antonio is the worse place for allergies. It's a bowl. So when the flowers from space attacked it was inevitable that everyone would be infected. Nobody lasted a day. And now San antonio is run by the flowers.

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    When the grades in the Angd department dropped, it dropped so hard that no more good animations or games were being made. As a result people began to lose their minds without anything entertaining to distract themselves with. This is a pic of the chaos that insued down at the SEC. No one remains after the first real battle royale

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    The date is 2030, a sudden meteorite had introduced an alien virus that had created space pirates zombies.sector zero being The Incarnate Word. The world was doomed to end by pirate domination in one year. After the alien virus had taken it's course, the pirates died due to no source of human flesh and decomposed, leaving alien fertilizer that made ant grow 20 times the original side. The world is now jungle planet. The end

    Megan spruiell

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