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Thread: Character Design

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    Character Design

    What I want to see:

    Fully realized character or environment (could be drawn, collaged or modeled)
    Full color palette
    Backstory (short synopsis)

    Think about:

    Color symbolism
    Design elements

    You will be graded on:
    Clarity of design
    Cohesion of color

    Worth 25% of class grade

    Due 3/26!

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    Jordan Collins

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Name:	soros.jpg 
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Size:	332.2 KB 
ID:	137146

    Soros is an elven mage who has taken refuge deep into the forest on the outskirts of the city. Soros prefers to commune with the spirits of the realm as opposed to its living inhabitants. Though rare, sometimes she will venture into the city for supplies, and sometimes people will travel to her to request contact with the dead.

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    Gage Diamond

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Name:	D7DB77B9-71E6-4D00-92AA-B501861612B8.jpg 
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Name:	083BDC0C-BBEE-447F-9000-368B8D7B44B6.jpg 
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Name:	6031BB63-E617-487B-B9EA-177CCDB5C151.jpeg 
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ID:	137154
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Name:	F246A91D-FA3C-41C6-A713-D1635D7346E7.jpg 
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Name:	FE4D965E-50B7-4842-AC14-2E47DC304F36.jpg 
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Name:	1E3FFF07-9113-452B-BC57-48C8C671642D.jpg 
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ID:	137157

    Just before the great war of machines during the thirtieth century, a clan of seven cyber-knights vowed to protect the residents of their city after their king fell to corruption.
    Of these knights, a warrior named Erebus, stood as the remaining survivor of the clan after an overwhelming ambush left the other six as nothing more than an accumulation of torn metal and silicone.
    One year later, Erebus, now bearing the sigil of the fallen, seeks to fully end the threat of the corrupted as well as preserve what hopefully remains of the city.

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    Nakihya Freeman
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Name:	sam.PNG 
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Size:	449.3 KB 
ID:	137233

    Samuel was once part of an elite of knights under the command of the Tyrant King. By day he would protect the king and by night he played the role of an executioner. Instead of a ceremonial burial the bodies were left to rot within the dungeons. One night, a surprise attack was issued inside the kingdom. This assault resulted in Samuel becoming trapped underground. For 15 years Samuel stayed inside the collapsed and flooded dungeons, forgotten by the king. He was forced to survive on sewer water, dead rats, and eventually the victims of his executions. Unbeknownst to him, those bodies obtained curses from the unceremonious treatments. Now transformed into a beast, Samuel waits for the return of the Tyrant King. He wants nothing more than to devour the king as revenge for leaving him.

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    Spenceer Heedley
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Name:	blotch.PNG 
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ID:	137267
    This is Father Time. The dead beat dad who time travels and fights crime.

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    Megan Spruiell

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Name:	New Canvas.jpg 
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ID:	137268

    Mao is a druid gifted with the power of wild shape from her family. She comes from a tribe of druids of the moon know for their culture of tribal tattoos,symbolizing their magical power, and the ability to turn into animals. Being the second daughter of the lead druid, Gwillherm, Mao was under a lot of scrutiny for not participating in their religious practices and hunting, since Mao refused and often befriended the forest creatures, and therefore was mostly ignored among her clan except for her elder sister, Apryl, who she loved very much. One time when Mao and her sister were picking herbs in the forest, a large monster attacked, with her sister sacrificing her life to protect Mao. Telling the tribe what happened, the druids and her mother, Gwillherm belived that she was at fault for the tragic death of her sister. Mao was banished forever. On her travels, she found an injured cat that had similar markings to her sister. Taking her in, she named the cat April and they have traveled together ever since.

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Name:	Finx.png 
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ID:	137346

    Finx, the tabaxi from the coast. Coming from a line of fishermen that focused on the ancient art of arrow fishing he has learned to expand his capabilities to those from the land. With a special bow imbeded with the power of the Ocean he now hunts on land after those who dare to corrupt the Ocean's bounty.

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    Crystal Rodriguez Ojeda
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Name:	#25038.jpg 
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ID:	137417

    Nicknamed "Panic" by the staff, animal test subject #25038 is used in guaranteeing the safety of a variety of shampoos. On April 13, he will be celebrating his second year of working at his designated laboratory.

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Name:	NyleConceptColor.png 
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ID:	137424
    Nyle Dubrovsky loves to please others and will do whatever it takes to make sure others are happy - even if it means donating his arm. Nyle is in his mid-twenties, engaged, is of Russian descent, and constantly has a smile on his face. His outfit consists of green to represent happiness while his shawl and cloak are taken from the designs of Venetian mountebanks who publically entertained the citizens of Venice.
    Corrine Nino

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Name:	cheesepizzaColorPal.jpg 
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Name:	cheesepizza.jpg 
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ID:	137429

    Cheese Pizza the leader of the illuminati and master of the universe because of his thumbs. His disciples are cats with polydactyly they watch us and control us. All hail Cheese pizza.

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    Noe Arciniega
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Name:	FrontFat1.PNG 
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Size:	600.7 KB 
ID:	137532 Modeled in ZBrush

    Light Knight comes from an alternate of the Dark Knight. Unlike the Dark Knight, Light Knight does not possess a great level of intelligence, he cannot tell the difference between a one-dollar bill and a one hundred dollars bill, which why he is broke. Obviously Light Knight is not fit enough to fight crime, so he relies on others to help him when duty calls. To put a long story short, Light Knight is just a homeless person in tights pretending to be a superhero.
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    Haylee Selke
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Name:	Selke_CharacterDesign.jpg 
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ID:	137452
    Ty was a young professional hockey player from Alaska. When his career got cut short because of a hit that dislocated his shoulder, he moved back home to family and found a new sport he could enjoy. He helps exercise and train his family's sled dogs, but still practices his own drills occasionally if he choses to leave his family's sport and become a hockey coach.

    Color Symbolism
    The shades of blue represent integrity, confidence, and tranquility. Ty demonstrates these traits because he was able to find a new sport he enjoyed after his first career ended, which was out of his control. Blues are also cold colors, which matches ice hockey and winter in Alaska.

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Name:	IMG_20190325_172857.jpg 
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ID:	137498
    Benny Black, the little Grim Reaper a teddy bear that is over 10,000 years old an the nephew of Satan himself. Don't be fooled by his cuteness,he will coke for you.

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    David Tharpe
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Name:	sadie concept art.jpg 
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ID:	137521

    Sadie Warner is second in command of an Organization known as E.P.C.(Epidemic Protection Coalition). Their job is to protect the world from a man who started the great 30 year war that started in the early 22nd century. The war has taken a stand still as they have all been trapped in the fictional city of GrandIron, located on a land mass that rose from the ocean off the coast of California, by a energy barrier to keep all organic life in and out. They have limited resources and limited men. She has only fought the war for nine years, but has been affected by it her whole life, being abused, stolen from, and lost her family. The only thing she has to remember them by is a late 21st century hand gun that was given to her by her father for her 15th birthday before he was killed, which she sports with her semi-auto sniper rifle. She may have a pretty face and a nice body, but she has a bad temper and the will to destroy all her enemies to end the war, avenge her family, and get to the man who took everything from her, one bullet at a time.
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    Stål is one of the great Creators, a species born before anything, made from nothing. He was one among the many others of his kind that would come to create each and everything within the multiverse. However, this did not come without consequence, as with the creation of all things, this would include Dark and Light, Evil and Good, Gods and Devils. These creations would affect the Creators themselves, some becoming mad with the power and influx of new knowledge and power. Among these that went mad, Stål was one of them. Changing and contorting his own body, his skin would decay, while his soul darkened with corruption. Soon the phjsical husk around his soul began to crack and chip away until it finally would break off, revealing the hardened and corrupted soul that lived within. Stål's arms would become large, scythe-like blades, while his face was no more, instead becoming replaced a withered and dirtied skull like exterior. No longer would he cooperate with the sane Creators around him. Now, he sought to wreak havoc upon the multiverse that he himself aided in building. With his knew destructive form, Stål became nothing more than a raving monster that wished to only destroy.

    Reasoning for colors:
    His body is a physical form of his soul. Overtime his soul got corrupted and molded over, turning it ito the black color it is.The color black also represents evil, power, and sadness. The purple around him and on some parts of his body are there due to his ability to travel from dimension to dimension, as well as hold his body together. This color was chosen as purple symbolizes transformations and mourning. The blue is what is left of his eyes, while blue was chosen as it stands for the cold and truth it represents. Lastly, his malformed skull is of course gray, which stands for sadness.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_2361.jpg 
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Size:	331.6 KB 
ID:	137535  
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    I like to live life like a SoulsBorne game.

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