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Thread: Spring2019 | Turn-In Thread | Pesky Little Cousins

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    Spring2019 | Turn-In Thread | Pesky Little Cousins

    Post the link to your Unity Build.

    Make sure that it:
    1. Downloads and unzips as you intend. Have a friend test your link and test your game.
    2. The game provides a Start screen that provides instructions and has a Start button to begin the game.
    3. The player uses a player-centric control scheme to move their angry cardinal around the space.
    4. Angry cousins drop from the sky and when the player gets too close, they shake and explode.
    5. If the player is knocked off of the platform. The game is over.
    6. When the player looses, s/he is presented with a Play Again screen (Yes and No buttons). These buttons should work and either relaunch the game or quit.

    Extra Credit:
    1. The cousins know you and chase you around the platform.
    2. On the start screen allow the player to pick difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard.
    3. The difficulty levels change the speed of the cousins, the power of their blast, the number of the cousins, or whatever....
    4. Provide a timer so that we win by surviving the counting-down timer.
    5. Associate a sound with each explosion and win and lose states.
    6. Create a screen-centric control scheme, and let the player decide before the game starts which version they wish to use.
    7. Create a two person version of the game (second player can use WASD) that also allows each player to push the other off (as the cousins continue to rain terror from above).

    Due Monday 3/4/2019 at the start of class.
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