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Thread: Assignment #8 Balance Beam Polish

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    Assignment #8 Balance Beam Polish

    Post your balance beam polished animations here! Include a 3/4 view and a side view.

    -Do an animation pass on the fingers+hands. Take a close look at the reference video and examine how the gymnast's hands interact with the balance beam. There should be a nice peel off when the hands leave the balance beam.
    -Double check that the FK/IK switches are smooth and don't have any pops. Try not to do the switches when the arms/legs are mid-air; do the switch when the feet/hands first hit the balance beam and when they are about to leave the beam.
    -Push the drag in the arms and feet!
    -Don't forget to add a nice overshoot and settle at the end of your animation.

    Due date: 2/13/2019

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