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Thread: Quiz 2.11.2019

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    Quiz 2.11.2019

    Download this.

    Submit Two Games (One Unity Build, One UE4 Package):
    For each:
    1. Ensure that the correct scale is set (it is correct in Maya).
    2. Set should be textured (all the textures need to make their way from Maya to the game engine).
    3. Allow us to walk through the level in first person (FPS).
    4. Create a simple lighting scheme (including adjusting materials that need to be emissive). Note that the original Maya file does include some lighting geometry.
    5. Be sure that appropriate shadows are being created (or not for light geometry).
    6. Give it a good look with the appropriate Post Processing.
    7. Make sure to save with your name. Be sure to upload the entire Build (Unity) and Package (UE4) folder. They may be separate .zip archives, or one.
    8. Double-check your link validity.

    Due before the end of class today, 2/11/2019

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