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Thread: Assignment #7 Pendulum with a 2d Tail

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    Assignment #7 Pendulum with a 2d Tail


    **Animate the 3D pendulum according to the platform's movements, and then add a 2D tail to the bottom of the pendulum.

    -Think about the main line of action

    -Add ease in /ease out, fast in/fast out where needed to match the momentum/stop of the pendulum base

    -Once the timing and spacing is right on the base, move down to the 2D tail

    -Add the 2D tail, overlap! C reversals!

    -C curve to reverse C curve with an S shape in between

    -Track the tip of the tail once you get to a good spot, it should form a really fluid arc

    -Have the pendulum & tail come to a nice settle

    Due date: 2/12/2019
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