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Thread: Assignment #7 Balance Beam Spline

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    Assignment #7 Balance Beam Spline

    Post your first pass of your balance beam animation!
    (please include a side view and a general 3/4 view)

    -Be sure you are switching between FK/IK in the feet and hands through out the animation!
    -Track the arcs in the root. Reference the syncsketch drawover we did in class to get an idea of how the root's motion trail should look like.
    -Overlapping action/drag should already be included in this pass.
    -Remember to add in anticipation, overshoot, breakdown poses to define drag and arcs.

    -Post a syncsketch with notes on the gymnast video!
    -Track the root's motion trail
    -Indicate when a Fk/Ik switch needs to happen (use the comments side bar)

    Due date: 2/12/2019
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