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Thread: Assignment Due 11/13 Finish your rig

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    Assignment Due 11/13 Finish your rig

    Please finish your 2-week rigging project,

    1, Clean and Orgnized Outline
    2, Consistent Naming
    3, Nice and Smooth Skin Weighting
    4, Arm and Leg IK FK works on their own.
    5, Arm and Leng IK FK Switch works without pop.
    6, Complete working Figure controls.
    7, Complete IK Foot animation poses with the proper set driven keys.
    7, Spine and Neck Bending.
    8, Spine and Neck Twisting.
    9, Spine and Neck Stretching.
    10, Well Defined Facial Expression Blendshapes.
    11, Organized and working Facial Expression Controllers.



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    jonathan pedraza
    for some reason when I started putting the driver joints it un binded the skin so know when I bind the normal joints to the skin it wont allow me to rotate the joints with fk controllers.

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    I had a lot of trouble with my skin weighting on the fingers, shirt, and feet which put me behind on getting my controllers done. I’d like to refine this later, if possible.
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