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Thread: Assignment #15 Demo Reel

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    Lightbulb Assignment #15 Demo Reel

    Due Thursday 10/18 6pm
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    Gabriel de la Garza

    demo reel
    spiderman animation:
    google drive link with upload date:
    Phone video of me opening and playing file with date last modified
    I forgot about fall break and expected to go to class on thursday, hence my early upload. I expected the spiderman animation to be combined and presented as previously in class because there was no dedicated thread, and just uploaded it to my drive. as I looked at some other demo reels today I saw the spiderman clips being included at the end. my google drive upload link still has the upload time in the details, although it counts sharing via link as modifying, so the last modified date is from today. I've included a video of me opening the file from my computer and playing it, showing the last modified date.
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