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Thread: Summer 2018 Lab Access

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    Lightbulb Summer 2018 Lab Access

    Hello all you 3D@UIW Students!

    I hope you’re having a restful and productive summer break.

    Several of you have sent inquiries into access to the labs over the summer. We’ve been working with the university to try and find the right balance. On the one hand, no one is paying lab fees over the summer so there is no guaranteed access, but on the other hand, we want to make sure everyone has access to the tools they need to keep their portfolio growing.

    So here’s the policy we have worked out:

    1. There is a new Summer 2018 Building Access Pass. I will be on campus today (Monday, May 21) and tomorrow (Tuesday, May 22) from 1:00-3:00 to sign these passes.
    2. You’ll need to have the pass stamped by campus police.
    3. With the pass, you will have access to the Cave (AD 404) Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (the times when the Dean’s Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Melinda Poulter) is in the office. She can open the cave for you.
    4. Be aware that at some time over the summer, the labs will be upgraded. This will happen without warning, and unfortunately, when it does, you’ll need to leave and it will take several weeks to complete the hardware installation and software updates. So you’ll need to be flexible.

    Please treat the cave with respect and keep it clean and tidy. Remember, nothing should leave that space and it is under video observation.

    Be safe and work hard!

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    Hey everyone. Sorry, I can't be on campus today to sign passes. Please email me so we can schedule a time to get together for passes if you need one.

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