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Thread: UE4 Substance Plugin Build Issue

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    UE4 Substance Plugin Build Issue

    UE4 was having trouble building when substance plugin is installed.

    -Update Visual Studio
    >click 'modify' in visual studio launcher
    >add the 'Desktop development with C++' package
    -will also need to download SDK 8.1
    >should be able to get this through visual studio launcher, if NOT download it from Microsoft.

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    This bug apparently only happens when using the Substance Plugin for Unreal. And only happens when you attempt to Package the build.

    So the steps to fix the errors would be:

    1) Make sure you have UE 4.19 Installed.
    2) Be sure the Substance Plugin is installed (and Unreal is relaunched).
    3) In the Start Menu, search for Visual Studio Installer

    4) Click the Modify Button.

    5) Scroll down and activate Game Development with C++
    and then on the right, be sure that
    Windows 8.1 SDK and UCRT SDK
    Unreal Engine Installer

    ...are checked
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