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Thread: Final Due 12/15 Friday before 12 PM

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    Final Due 12/15 Friday before 12 PM

    Please post the content you have created for Senior Thesis Production, I need all:

    1, Character Models

    2, rigs

    3, Environment Models

    4, Animation tests

    5, renders

    6, Schedule for next semester



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    This is my stuff for The Falling. There isn't much in the props, the levels are mostly terrain. Also, Skyla should have a few props as well.
    Environment Models and Renders:

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    Red face "The Falling" Group

    Here is everything that has been posted to our group project page on Trello. This includes Models, Rigs, Concepts, Schedules, etc. You should be able to see everything without having to create an account. If you have any issues seeing something just reply to me

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    Here is the work I did for the semester. This includes Rigs, Animations, and the Unreal Project Folder. The animations have the rigs referenced in just in case they aren't popping up for you. Also here is my schedule for next semester.



    UE4 Project Folder:

    Schedule: MRodriguez_Spring2018Schedule.pdf
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    Martin Rodriguez Jr.

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    All of our groups character models, textures, and weapon models are in the folder below. For the same models but with rigs please see Martin's post. The protagonist rig and model is in Martin's rig folder, but I haven't included it here since I'm redoing her model currently.

    Character Models (Pre-rig) / Textures / Weapons:

    Schedule for next semester:RDante_Spring2018Schedule.pdf

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    All of my groups work is within this link please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

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    Since you already have my character models from Amber's Rigs. Here are some of the assets I modeled for the environment.
    Skyla Carraman

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