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Thread: Arnold Rendering Problem - Crash on Render

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    Arnold Rendering Problem - Crash on Render

    No matter what i do i cant get the render thing to work right. all it does is freeze and force me to close with the task manager. How are you supposed to do it?!

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    Are you doing his in the lab? Or on a home machine?

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    On my home computer. Im pretty sure i was actually doing it incorrectly, as i have no experience with Arnold. I basically just need to get a picture of the fully-rendered model.

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    It sounds like you are either a) running out of memory (what are the specs on your machine)? or b) you may not have all the plugins activated that you need to or c) you might have a bad texture or other asset in there somewhere.

    Let's start with a). Let me know your specs.

    I'm also going to shift this to a new thread so you don't hijack Lucio's turn in thread.

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