Rendering Policies

Rendering is a time consuming process and can be stressful if you haven't been rendering throughout the semester and have all your frames at the end to render.

Please be mindful that your frames are important and we want you to be successful in outputting them. However, the labs are for working first and rendering second.

To help make sure the rules are clear:

  1. For rendering, the labs (AD 405, 406, 400, and the Cave) are to be used at night or during the weekends.
  2. If you are in the lab to work and a machine is rendering, check to see if there are other machines available to use.
  3. If not, the computers in the lab are for the live-standing-in-the-lab person to use. See if you can work on the machine without canceling the render; let it render while you work. However....
  4. or night, if you are in a lab, and need the machine to work on; and the rendering is slowing the machine to a point you can't work, feel free to cancel an active render. Sit down and work.
  5. Do not cancel anyones render only to set up your own.