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Thread: Final Project

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    Final Project

    Please download the following packet

    -Make sure to watermark your work whether as a file or a

    -Organize the project files/directory, Zip, upload to your cloud drive and Post a link to Zip here.

    -Final Video/ Screenshots should be in their own Zip separate from work files. Be sure to clarify which zip is The final output file from the project file.


    Will Keetell Final Project

    <Insert Link>

    Final Project Work Files

    <Insert Link>

    Good luck to you all. Make sure you post your links before 12:45PM December 6th, 2016

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    Nicolas Berrios Final Project: Pony Textures Renders for Dock

    Final Project Work Files

    Thanks for an awesome semester! Hope to see you around!

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    Everardo Morales Final Project: Renders for dock

    Final Project Work Files

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    Julio Campos Final Project: Dock texturing and rendering

    Final Dock rendering:

    Final Dock work files:

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    Matthew Ramirez Patrick Trailer

    Final Video:

    Work Files:

    Hope to see you again sometime!

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    Aaron Haas Patrick Trailer
    Final video:
    work files:

    note of the day: a close shave is still a shave, but maybe too close for comfort.

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    Dropbox wouldn't load my files but I eventually got it to work.
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    hey Micah Looks like you posted in the incorrect forum.

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