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cross dissolve/fade in-fade out problems

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  • cross dissolve/fade in-fade out problems

    i am having problems with my cross dissolves whenever i need to fade in and fade out of a scene. it is showing the last frame of the shot that is fading out i have instead of the black frame i am using to show when it gets completely black, and whenever it fades into the next scene, there's a slight flicker. if that makes sense.

    the way i have my cross dissolves in premiere seems correct, but i am showing how i have it and included the movie file of it to show what it is doing. i have the correct A and B tracks going into each other as well (see attachment).

    i want it to just fade out to black, show the black for a little bit, then fade back into the next show, flawlessly. i've done it before with other projects, i don't know why it's giving me a problem now.

    in the movie file, where you see the still image right inside the hole is where it's supposed to be all black, and should be showing the black.tif file. ignore the white at the end, that's just quicktime.
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    I set a trial up like yours...only without the black.tif

    It fades out without the black.tif there...but did not fade back up.

    I set it up a little different on the timeline and it seems to work this way.

    If you still wanted to fade to the black.tif it might work if you start from video A and fade down until it is black...then split the black into 2 clips and put the 2nd half of the black on video A and fade in to vidoe B

    It doesn't really seem to like to fade from B to A for some reason

    That's all the ideas i have


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      thanks. i got it to work using both ways you described, except i'm still getting a black flicker of 1 frame whenever it fades back in. the flicker of black happens 13 frames after the fade in, and it seems to be doing it on the last frame of the fade in. it does that in the movie i provided also. argh!

      did you get a flicker at all?
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        i figured out how to deal with that flicker. since it was doing it on the last frame of the dissolve, i copied that frame, which was on track B, and just copied and pasted it on track A, directly above it and the dissolve. now it fades in and out perfectly!!
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          That's funny...i didn't get a flicker...with my test clips

          I did however have a flicker in my mouse project...that I was unable to get rid of, I had to shorten the clip. It was in the first 5 frames of the fade in, and no matter what effect I used, or what I didn I was unable to get rid of the flicker, so I figured there must have been something wrong with my .tif seq.