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Transitions between Sequences

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  • Transitions between Sequences

    Adam, im trying to add a cross dissolve between two clips in final cut pro. it works fine when i add the transition between clips that where made from one still frame tif. but when i create a sequence drop the frames into it, then render it out, throw it on the timeline its only giving me a cross dissolve of like 0:01 seconds, and i cant pull it to make it bigger. or edit it? why not what do i do too the clips, i think it said i dont have enough something to make the edit. what do i have to do in order to put that editable cross dissolve transition inbetween the 2 created sequences composed of the maya tifs.

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    Cross dissolved are dependent on having enough material to dissolve out of and dissolve into.

    If you are using two sequences (made from sequential stills), then you proably have no added material before the In point and none after the Outpoint. To get a cross dissovle you'll need to work with the In and Out of the two sequences invovled

    You can quickly do this by shortening the clips (from the back of the clip going out and from the front of the clip transitioning in). Then but them up together and drop the cross dissovle in.


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      muchos gracias

      cool, thanks for the help