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    Im working on the Hallway project, does not let me drag in new hanging light or the wall space light. along with making a new material color it dose not let me drag on a new color. It was working before. I also tried changing the color manually but it changes all of them in the scene, when i want only some of them red and other blue,yellow etc.

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    Hard to know without seeing it. You should be able to drag in new versions from the Project to Hierarchy window. You can also duplicate objects in your scene view.

    If you are unable to edit a Material, you might not have extracted it in the Import settings (Material tab).

    Remember that if you change the color of a material (in any program, Maya, UE4, Unity, etc...), it will change that color for all objects that use that material. If you want different objects to ahve different colors, they need to have different materials. You could make a new material with the color you want and apply that to an object to replace the material with the color you don't want.

    Remember that the tutor is here on Sundays 12:00-5:00. She can also help you out.