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    Here is a couple variations of a quick character sculpt I did. Started with a sphere in Sculptris to build a base mesh, then imported to Mudbox to continue to sculpt details/a quick paint over.
    Not the final product but just messing with different shapes, rock formations, mecha design, and design overall. Im still at a pretty low sub-division level, so alot more detail to add. But here is a quick turntable in Mudbox.

    Any critiques will be greatly appreciated!!

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    Sick stuff Carlos. Its reaaally good start. I got an example for you of Frost Malphite character we did for LoL, when I get home I'll post. Your anatomy is looking pretty good, I say keep going forward with the whole body, block it out so we get the general idea of the silhoutte. Its the most important part. Get the whole anatomy down and don't be shy to explore your limits. Be sure to stick true to reference to stocky anatomical reference.

    Look for stocky body builders like the dudes in Vice's Giants of Iceland

    I like how the arms and chest are coming- I would love to see more cracks around where the chest muscle wraps into the deltoids. Be badass to see more cracks or small pieces of rocks shifting in that area. I'd also look at variations of rock monsters like Thing from F4, the rock monsters - angels whatever- from Noah etc.

    Really choose a theme of two elements and stick with it, then focus on ways you can convey the harmony of the two within the structure of that anatomy, its so much fun: Rock + Root? Rock + Machine? Rock + Glowy life force? Rock + X. Choose and stay consistent through-out


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      Checkout Glacial Malphite Here

      (Download it at the top right corner)

      Here's a highres screenshot of Glacial Malphite. The main principle of the design I'd like to point out that might help you in your decision making is that there's a general symmetry to the anatomy with the finer details being asymmetrical.
      Aside from his ice pick hand/forearm, in the rest of his body on both sides, we see he has two ribs, ice blocks for shoulders, armor on legs and shoulders. However as the artist follows the concept, ( far left column ) you'll notice the ice shards that make the ribs are not identical, they're simply in the same position opposite each other.
      You'll see the idea is exhibited in the design of the chest, his back, and even the design of the shoulder armor is there but not completely symmetrical. Even his face generally has this symmetry too in the region of the eyes and nose, but when we get further out to his lower jaw and his "hair" its purposefully offset. This gives the viewer something recognizable to identify with while still being organically appealing.

      Another thing to consider is that Malphite is designed with an understanding that he has two layers of detail. In the darker regions that are revealed of his face, thighs, inbetween his ribs and his core, you'll see he has like this base body that is this dark hard cracked ice surface, that is complimented by these enormous asymmetrical ice shards which cover the parts of his body away from the regions that bend. ( Forearms, top of knees, back, chest, top of thighs).

      I'll also include a render of the Blue Rock Titan from God of War 3
      Blue Rock Titan