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Anyone use 3DS Max? Need help >>

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  • Anyone use 3DS Max? Need help >>

    I need to convert a number of .MAX files into some other format, .3ds, .obj, .wrl, etc.. Anything other than .MAX, it's a pain in the ***. Anyone running a copy of 3DS that would like to do this?

    I'll buy you lunch sometime, or something.... lol

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    Looks like we got someone to take care of this. :)


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      Y'all might look into TransPoly or Deep Exploration (my fav). You have to have a version of Max running - but the 30 day trial will work - and you can convert files really, really nicely with good file structure to boot.

      If you've got just a few, I could help you if this other solution doesn't work for you.


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        So the Max 30day trial would work for import/export of .max files? We weren't sure but we've found someone to take care of it for us. We were looking to purchase PolyTrans but when I looked into it it turned out that you had to have the PolyTrans plugin run inside Max and we weren't sure if the Max trial would allow for the import/export. The .max format seems to be a common hassle for conversion. Thanks for the info though, we'll just do that next time for sure.


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          Yeah, the 30 day trial will do everything - at least it did when I was trying it. But yes, Polytrans and Deep Exploration both require that you have a version of Max running (Autodesk is particularly draconian about their file format).