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    I was unaware of this until I checked today, but you can get Modo 202 (educational) for only $99, assuming you keep your grades up.

    From what I can tell (maybe it's a MAC thing) the painting stuff is a bit unstable (I crashed about 5 times trying to paint some texture on a wagon tarp I'm working on) , but the UV unwrapping tools are godly. seriously...

    Also the new rendered incorporated into 202 and the new material editing...not to mention a pretty good modeler.. (although I find some of the keys and stuff a bit clunky) This is a pretty good package for $99, I just have to get off my lazy butt and get all that registrar paperwork sent over to luxology... lol

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    Yep; we did a quick demo in 3D III on Luxology's Modo. Their UV Unwrap tool is the bomb. Best LSW UV Unwrapper out there....


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      Originally posted by Keiphus
      although I find some of the keys and stuff a bit clunky
      xsi hath spoiled thee
      箴 言 18:12
      敗 壞 之 先 , 人 心 驕 傲 ; 尊 榮 以 前 , 必 有 謙 卑 。


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        And for those who want to try it first,

        C'mon, we all want to use the uv's...