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  • cinema 4d 8.2

    I just got my update. I know its not out until next week, but some guy on cg talk found a maxon ftp site that had the update. It works great and now version 8.2 has the ability to use the middle mouse button and other different buttons than the left and right. I also set up my navigation exactly like maya, you know alt+ mmb and alt+lmb and so on. Its great. Now I will never get crazy over the navigation buttons between cinema and maya!

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    Yep, 8.2 is a nice update. I like it quite a bit. There are some other updates in there that are nice.

    Wait until you see what's coming in 8.5......some really, really, really cool rendering effects......

    Can't tell you specifics though ... sorry ;-)


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      ARARARAR!!!! CANT WAIT NOW! Man cinema is becoming gods gift to mankind.


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        What are you talking about?! I thought you were the "Maya is the shiznik" guy?


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          I was. I still like maya, and its funny cause I used to not like cinema. But I seem to have switched perspectives on cinema and just really like it now. I really like how all the times I have used it, it has never crashed and I love the renderer. Its kinda like when your a kid and you hate squash or fish, or any other kind of food, and then when you grow up you really like it. Maybe its because when I used cinema I really never got deep into it like I did maya, but now its cool. I love both programs. It would be a blessing though if there was a plugin or script that could connect maya and cinema. I mean its great to model in cinema and render too and the animation in maya is superb. Using both would be like having your cake and eating it too with a big bowl of ice cream on the side!


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            Yeah....I find that C4D's character animation is really, really poor while Maya's is really, really strong. Conversely, C4D's rendering is really, really strong and fast while Maya's rendering sucks.

            I tried to convince the C4D programers to make a port to allow me to animate in Maya and render in C4D. They said great idea and made it so that you could model in Maya, texture in Bodypaint, and then export back into Maya. Er...nice first step....I'll have to try and do some more pursuading.

            I just think that if they could allow C4D to be a Maya rendering engine (including C4D's lighting tools); that Maya folks by the droves would be picking C4D up, just for the rendering (radiosity, hdri, Net Rendering, etc....).


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              it would be great. For sure the rendering in c4d is superior to that of maya. I actually also prefer the modeling in cinema as well, but thats just me.

              I know there will have to be a script or port to interchange through maya and c4d sometime in the distant future. It would just rock. I was reading something on the forums yesterday at cg talk and someone mentioned that c4d will soon be able to save as a .mb file. I dont know if it was legit or not, but it creates some possible hopes.


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                err nevermind. Read the .mb file thing wrong. They were talking about something else. Just so happened that c4d was very close to the word .mb, so I got excited.