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My model has mutant hair!

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  • My model has mutant hair!

    Earlier, a wise man helped me by answering a question I had about modeling hair.

    Originally posted by Professor Watkins View Post
    Think of the hair as a solid shape with texture - not as individual hair. Especially looking at that image, think of that hair as a solid hat instead.

    But now an even bigger issue has come up.

    Ok. I made the solid hat and modeled the hair as shown... But when I tried to make a separate material for the hair in mudbox, not only did it not save to the mudbox file folder, it also reset the hair to the default material, making for some... creepy looking hair. When I try changing the hair's material Mudbox won't let me, and simply keeps it locked as a default material. Is this because I made the hair a different mesh entirely instead of keeping it all within the same mesh? What can I do to fix this?

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    Never mind. I figured it out myself