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Rendering a Wireframe Rendering

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  • Rendering a Wireframe Rendering

    Sorry for the cross posting (this is also in the Maya area). Included here is a brief tutorial on getting a high-tech looking wireframe rendering:
    This is actually a C4D technique, but you can use this method with your Maya models if you export them into C4D to render (see the other posts on this technique).

    1) Once your model is created, click on the Effects Section and add a Cel Render effect.

    2) Make sure to activate Edges so that the renderer will actually show how the polygons are contstructed (polygonal topology).

    3) Then after setting the size (Resolution in the Output section) and the location to save (in the Save section). Render. This figure shows the results of AJ Moore's hulk caricature (the low poly version). Notice that if this were a C4D model, this would be a low poly mesh with the HyperNURBS object deactivated.

    4) With HyperNURBS on, your rendering will look something like.

    5) Finally, notice that within the Render Settings, you can change the Edge and Background Color. This rendering (also of AJ's model) shows a black Background Color and a yellow Edge Color.

    Hope this helps.