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Animeeple And Other 3d character animation softwares.

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  • Animeeple And Other 3d character animation softwares.

    Hello all. I currently working with a client from my freelance gig, on a children's MMO game. I have modeled and the rigged the avatars as needed. But anyways one of my teammates linked me to Animeeple; a software to use to animate the rigged model before I can send it to Unity.

    Animeeple is okay, but my biggest gripe is that it is buggy on rigged model imports and, it cannot recognize even the basic of rigs. To top it off, the preloaded animation are decent but, they react terribly with the model (tons of skinning issues, even if I completely fixed them!).

    Anyways, can any software savvy 3d designer recommend me a better animation software, or am I just better off just animating it from scratch? :p