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Lights in C4D model?

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  • Lights in C4D model?

    Prof Watkins,
    Can you or anyone look at the lights in this Cinema 4D model I am working on? For some reason I am not getting them to have any effect in the model. I don't see them when I render either. I thought I set the render settings correctly in terms of the GI being on and automatic lighting being off. Most likely something minor that I've fogotten. There are about 5 cove lights up at the top of the wall that should be bouncing light off the walls/ceiling.
    Thanks a lot!
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    For some reason you have a texture assigned to those lights. Once you delete the material tag from the lights (over in the Objects manager), you should be able to see the lights working again.

    You'll probably want to increase the fall off on those lights too. Right now the fall off is really small and the illumination from the lights won't even reach to the floor.


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      Great! Thanks...I will check this out now. best, monique


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        Hey! that did work great, doing that cove light up there really adds to the room. happy to see it work, thanks!, m