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Unity - Unable to see the scene (unapplied import settings?)

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  • Unity - Unable to see the scene (unapplied import settings?)

    I am trying to bring in a C4D model into Unity. I created a new project in Unity first, then in the browser dropped in my folder with the fbx file + the baked textures folder into the Unity project assets folder. Back in Unity did a drag and drop, of the 1st person shooter + fbx file into the main hierarchy folder, then turned on the generate colliders for the fbx file.

    For some reason I cannot see the scene; I have gotten an error message in my meanderings around the file stating "unapplied import settings", I don't know if this is the problem or not. If anyone has any thoughts on this I would greatly appreciate it. I am working will a demo version of the program but don't know if this contributes to anything.

    Btw Prof. Watkins, I am trying to re-create what we did in the last hour on Unity at the DMA class last Friday. I must be doing something wrong procedurally with the filing system but am stumped at this point. Also could you direct me to Will Goldsmiths website for Unity tutorials? I've tried without much luck.

    Thanks a lot!


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    The scene might be really small. When you drag the c4d .fbx file into the scene does it show up (by name) in the Hierarchy window? If it does, click on it in the Hierarchy window - then move your mouse over your Scene window and hit "f' and that should frame it.


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      Yes! That did it... I can see it and all is well---until the next glitch. thanks a lot!