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    I think it would be nice if we had an XSI Section for the Application portion of this forum. Since, San Antonio is an XSI city, at some point some of us might mess with this application and have questions.
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    San Antonio an XSI town......interesting idea.....kinda funny too. You mean the two highest profile houses in town (each with one full-time animator (well, I guess a few more now (congrats guys)) both use XSI?

    I guess actually if you were looking at sheer number of users, San Antonio would be a Lightwave town.

    You could just post in the General 3D Applications forum and co-opt it into an XSI forum....


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      By the way Will, two sites I found particularly helpful when first starting with XSI were and .

      Both are great resources. :)


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        sweet, thanks man, yeah been to edharris before, really great stuff. I'll check the other site. I just gotta get used to making my own interaction keys since I'm working with the new Qwerty/Alt interaction keys set.
        It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.
        -Tyler Durdan


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          You might want to try the default xsi keys. Just about every function has a shortcut. And all the tools have alternative function when pressing combinations of ctrl, alt and lmb mmb rmb. But hey just a suggestion.. you'll just have to spend more time rebinding stuff, and I seriously don't like the system they use for rebinding tools in xsi.

          Some info that might help....
          Depending what mode you set xsi, the tools will work differently.
          The old default for xsi has different transform tools that worked like this. lmb=x axis. mmb=y axis rmb=z axis. If you don't like that mode just click transform (right side of screen) and set enable transform manipulators. That will make it like c4d and maya. Just click and drag the manipulator handles.

          If you notice that in select mode that you only are able to continously select and not unselect with lmb.. You could rmb or just turn off extended component selection. With extended component selection off, it's selection will work similarly to maya and c4d.

          Last but not least if you want a property editor to appear on node creation. Hold ctrl when creating node.. Or you can also go to file->prefferences->interaction->property editors view tab check on property popup editors.

          The above stuff helped me. And part of the problem with 3d is knowing the labels to certain functions and where to find them.

          As for tools..You'll love the tweak tool. Poly split and edge splits. Proportional modeling. Modeling objects with assymetry that function with symmetry. XSI really isn't known for it's modeling tools but the poly tools are awesome.

          The construction mode is going to save you time in rigging and modeling. Painting weight maps is pretty friendly in comparison to Maya's archaic approach. Be careful Will you just might ditch Maya entirelly. :) I'm sure you will find all of XSI's "out of the box" tools to be superior to all of Maya's tools in functionality and user friendliness. (hides from Adam)
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            Added XSI to the "General 3D Applications" description.
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