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  • Apporto (Remote Desktop)

    If you have a reasonable machine at home, don't worry about this at all. But if your machine is struggling to keep up, you might give this a try:

    Here’s how to gain access:
    • Log into Cardinal Apps.
    • Click the blue ‘Add Apps’ button in the upper-right corner
    • Find SMD Virtual Lab and click the ‘Add’ button
    • Return to your Cardinal Apps dashboard, and SMD virtual Lab should be on the bottom of the main page.
    *The login screen with the blue circle takes several seconds. This is normal.
    • Once you are in the Apporto portal, click the icon that looks like 4 little squares. This should take you to the applications screen,
    • Here, you will see an app called ‘Full Desktop’ – Click the ‘Launch’ icon.
    • Your initial login to the virtual computer takes a few seconds – it is really fast on subsequent logins
    • Click through the tutorial and you’re all set.
    • Don’t forget to connect your OneDrive so you have persistent storage!
    We know that it doesn't work with your Wacom Tablet (at least no pressure sensitivity), and it can't play animations or games back at realtime frame rates. But it might have some limited use.

    Please be sure to post your experience, feedback, and problems here.