View Full Version : ANGD 2311 | Set & Level Design Modeling (Sec 04)

  1. Post the link of your room here
  2. Assignment Due 8/25 top and side view measurement of your interior
  3. Assignment Due 8/30 do the space of the room and bounding Boxes of all the objects.
  4. Assignment Due 9/1 finish modeling your sofa in your room
  5. Assignment Due 9/6 Model one more chair in your room
  6. Assignment Due 9/8 finish window and door and the table in your room
  7. Assignment Due 9/13 Finish the things we discussed in class
  8. Assignment Due 9/15 create all the fabrics in your room
  9. bug model
  10. Assignment Due 9/20 Fix all the problems you have in your model
  11. Assignment Due 9/22 finish the uv of your sofa, desk, wall, floor, ceiling, window
  12. vray lighting pracrice scene
  13. Assignment Due 9/27 Finish the UV, Do some lighting test
  14. lightingScene
  15. Assignment Due 9/29 Texture your floor, wall, ceiling and Sofa
  16. assignment Due 10/4 Model a Metal object, a glass object, and give them material
  17. Assignment Due 9/29 Texture your floor, wall, ceiling and Sofa
  18. assignment Due 10/6 Keep texturing and lighting
  19. assignment Due 10/11 Post your plan here
  20. Assignment Due 10/18 Final Render
  21. assignment Due 10/20 Design the level you are going to make
  22. Assignment Due 10/25 Block your entire scene in Unity
  23. ps4_controller
  24. assignment Due 10/27 block your scene in maya
  25. assignment Due 11/01 model 4 new stuff in your level
  26. grenade_Model
  27. Assignment Due 11/3 finish 4 new models in your level
  28. Grenade_top_process
  29. Assignment Due 11/8 finish 4 new models in your level
  30. Axe
  31. assignment Due 11/10 Sculpt on of your model in Zbrush
  32. Assignment Due 11/15 Us Substance Painter to Texture 3 Models.
  33. assignment Due 10/17 4 more models
  34. Assignment Due 11/22 Finish all the model of the scene, and do lighting test
  35. assignment Due 11/29 Finish all the uv of your model
  36. assignment Due 11/31 Finish 30% of the texture
  37. ClockScript
  38. 2017 Syllabus and Outline
  39. Post your LOD homework here by Tuesday 6pml
  40. Assignment #2 Info
  41. Tips On Modular Construction Project
  42. Post your Walls + Floors homework here today by 6pm
  43. Post your TEXTURED Walls + Floors here by Thursday 6pm
  44. Post your TEXTURED modular building by Tuesday 6pm
  45. Post your final game here by Tuesday 6pm
  46. Floors, Walls and Ceiling Composition Due Tuesday 6pm
  47. Post your scene with major furniture modeled by Thursday 6pm
  48. Links disscused in class
  49. Post your UVed and Textured walls and floors by Thursday 6pm
  50. Post your TEXTURED Furniture by Tuesday 6pm
  51. Post your night time draft here
  52. Post your Final Day time and Night time Renderings Here