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  1. Assignment 1 Project Brief and Deliverables
  2. Class on Monday 8/26 And Recap
  3. Question over the assignment
  4. Question for available computers
  5. Saving Maya Technical issues
  6. Maya 2014 Interface
  7. Assignment #3 Due Wednesday
  8. Measurements of Furniture Link
  9. Assignment #4 and homework
  10. Assignment #5
  11. Assignment #6 Due Wednesday
  12. Assignment #7 Due Monday
  13. A Question About Homework
  14. A few tutorials to help with your assignments
  15. Homework Assignment due by the end of the week
  16. Digital tutors
  17. Why isn't my digital tutors working?!?
  18. Tutorials for the week of Oct 14-18
  19. Tutorials for the week of Oct 21-30
  20. Post your Baked Game Levels here
  21. Rendered Room
  22. Rendered Rooms
  23. Nadine's Daytime Renders
  24. Alex's Room
  25. renderrooms
  26. noirroom
  27. Erick Villarreal- Night Time Renders
  28. Post your Daytime render re-dos here for better grade
  29. Christian Salas - Night Renders
  30. Post your Night time renders here before 6pm today
  31. night render
  32. Samantha M Night Renders
  33. Erick Villarreal- I have a question about maya Professor Lucio
  34. Post your Final Project here by 6pm Monday Dec 2nd
  35. Final Project Grading Sheets
  36. Super Long Rendering Time?
  37. Please send me the Maya file folder before the end of the day tomrrow friday
  38. Project 1 Deliverables and Project Brief
  39. Homework #2-Walls, Floors, Roofs and Ceilings
  40. Post your Homework #2 Here
  41. Why won't you stay put??
  42. Images on Y-axis?
  43. Are we allowd to model our own rooms?
  44. How should I make the floor?
  45. Submit your Barcelona Chair here by midnight
  46. Submit your Deliverable #3 here - Two pieces of furniture by Wednesday 6pm
  47. Post your Homework #3 Here
  48. Post your windows and door here
  49. Tutorials to watch over the weekend
  50. Post your Homework #4 Here, Remaining furniture, doors and Windows
  51. No access to computer. Need to use MAYA. Can I use yours?
  52. Maya keeps crashing on me.
  53. Homework #5 - Floors and Walls UVed
  54. Homework 9-10-14
  55. Homework #6 - Furniture UVed
  56. Homework #7 - Darpes and soft surfaces
  57. Tutorials to watch over the weekend.
  58. Notification for Wednesday 9/24/2014
  59. Daytime pass#1 Due Monday Sep 29th
  60. No Email
  61. Night time Pass #1 renders due by 6pm
  62. Can't get RENDERS!
  63. What are best settings for final renders?
  64. Final renders Due Wednesday October 8th by 6pm
  65. How much progress on the game level by monday?
  66. Research Assignment Due Oct 13th
  67. Homework #3 - Game level Walls, Floors and Ceilings modeled
  68. Assignment #2 Game Level deliverables and Project Description
  69. Homework #4 - Game Level Textured Walls, Floors and Ceilings
  70. Homework #5 - 5 Pieces of furniture, modeled, UVed & textured due Wednesday
  71. Watch this UV totorial over the weekend
  72. Homework #6 - Completed furniture, windows, doors and frames
  73. Unity Lighting Problem (Lights Going Out)
  74. Post your final baked game levels here
  75. Final Due Wednesday Dec 3rd
  76. Created the VRay Sky. But how do I texture it?
  77. Class Tonight for Set Level Design
  78. Fall 2016 Outline and Syllabus
  79. Architecture Link for interior rooms
  80. Submit your Doors and Windows here
  81. Powerpoint presentations for Week 1 and 2
  82. Post your brick wall with bump here
  83. Post your Barcelona .mb files here
  84. Post your Columns here
  85. Post your table cloths and drapes here
  86. Scale people
  87. Post your Vray Materials here
  88. Post your final daytime/night time renders here
  89. Post your baked game levels here.
  90. Fall 2017 Outline and Syllabus
  91. Assignment 1 project list options
  92. Post your Lab model here
  93. Post your .mb files here for Assignment #2
  94. Post your Barcelona .mb file here
  95. Post your .mb files here for Assignment #3 by Monday 6pm
  96. Post your Fruit Bowl model here by 9pm
  97. Post your Homework here - Complete Room model with Furniture by 6pm Wednesday
  98. In-Class Assignment - UV Lab Walls
  99. Post your Homework here - UVed Walls, Floor Ceiling by 6pm Monday
  100. Post your VRAY shaders here
  101. Post your Homework here -Textured Model by 6pm Monday
  102. Post your final night/day renders here by 6:30 Wednesday
  103. Post your skyscraper final render by monday 10/17 @ 6pm
  104. Question_Michael_Brown
  105. Post your level prototype playable game by end of class
  106. Post your Game Level Walls, Floors, roofs and Ceilings by 6pm Wednesday
  107. Post your Final Game Here
  108. Assignment #1
  109. Post your LOD homework here by Wednesday 6pm
  110. Assignment #2 Info
  111. Tips on Modular Construction Project
  112. Post your Walls + Floors homework here by Monday 6pm
  113. Post your TEXTURED Walls + Floors here by Monday 6pm
  114. Post your TEXTURED modular building by Wednesday 6pm
  115. Running late
  116. Post your final game here by Wednesday 6pm
  117. Floors, Walls and Ceiling Composition Due Monday 6pm
  118. Post your scene with major furniture modeled by Wednesday 6pm
  119. Post your UVed and Textured walls and floors by Wednesday 6pm
  120. Post your TEXTURED Furniture by Monday 6pm
  121. post your night time drafts here
  122. Post your Final Day time and Night time Renderings Here